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1) Improves the health status of your employees. They are less absent from work due to illness. And healthy people work with energy and mood.

Team building

2) Strengthens the relations in the team. There are no more employees with unsightly appearance, bad breath and “smelling” of sweat.

No discrimination

3) Good hygiene removes discrimination and suspicion, especially towards your new foreign employees.

free Covid-19 hygiene section

All our courses have a free Covid-19 – Coronavirus hygiene section. A certificate is issued.


The certificate can open many doors and remove many barriers. But you will leave us with something far more valuable! Knowledge of how to improve your and others’ health.


You can choose a shortened or full course of study. From two hours to two days.

Sign up the Hygiene course

Sign up the  Hygiene course and break down the barriers to your future

The course is made to be easy. The materials are written in a completely understandable way. Practically everyone regardless of level of education and literacy can successfully complete our course.